B.S. Course at FDSA in Pampanga

Attain a Future Carrier in the Field of Aviation as a BS Holder from a Graduator or as a Trasferee Together
with the proceedings of globalization, the intercommunication of men and  things are accelerating it’s speed
and volume more and more.
Aviation Industry is expected to play a big role in such a progressive society further more.
Why don’t you broaden your future career and flourish  in the prospective field of aviation ?

Courses Offered Degree Programs

・B.S. Aircraft Maintenance Technology
・B.S. Aviation Electronics Technology
・B.S. Aviation Business Management

Short Courses

・Aircraft Maintenance Technology(AMT)
・Avionics Technology(AVST)
・Flight Operation Dispatcher(F.O.D)
・Flight Attendant Internship
・On-The-Job Training

Senior High School

Buddy Introduction System

We have Buddy Introduction System which provide you privilege of education fee reduction .
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